AWS Partnership


A Global Manufacturer of Heavy Plant Machinery is in the process of renewing their complete Customer Portal infrastructure over the next 3/4 years.

The term Customer Portal refers to the collective set of systems they use to interact with their customers (e.g. dealers, national accounts, government accounts, key accounts), equipment owners and operators as well as the public.

This initiative involves a complete refresh of their current set of customer/public facing systems and platforms with the following high-level objectives:

  1. Provide an IT solution that actively enables the business strategy. This includes increasing organizational agility, promoting innovation and enabling new digital revenue streams.
  2. Provide the best possible solution for the company globally.
  3. Optimize the resources 'required to run and build' the solution.


The end result is that TBSCG and AWS are in the process of proving out an architecture cantered on AWS API Gateway and AWS Lambda Functions. This is a dramatic change leading to serverless, autoscaling, performing globally distributed and highly available business services to deliver the new customer portal.

The customer made the strategic choice to put the API Gateway at the centre of the proposed architecture and infrastructure, for the following reasons:

  • Information must flow from their single source of truth to the consuming component, without duplication
  • Any contributing or consuming component could be changed in the future, in a plug-and- play mode
  • New initiatives, programmes or projects could then be launched in days and consume data easily, with no complex and long learning curve for the teams
  • Avoid heavy customization of the toolset, especially at CMS and DAM levels, and be headless compliant
  • Select the best-in-class cloud solutions and rely mainly on SaaS and PaaS
  • Make business activities enabled by IT efficiency, and not slowed down by IT constraints

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