Hosting & managed services

Hosting &

TBSCG provides a complete managed service capability regardless of your systems locations. Providing monitoring, incident detection and load balancing across Hybrid cloud and on-premise environments.

From a single application to multiple Enterprise solutions, TBSCG has the managed service that can provide the necessary reporting and alert management to ensure a smooth running of your operational systems. This managed service capability combined with our DevOps knowledge allows you to build that 24x7 available environment that your customers are demanding.

Our DevOps experts will provide:

  • Proactive monitoring of Hybrid environments
  • Business level application dashboards
  • Full reporting and email/text based alerts
  • DevOps environment definition
  • Global load balancing and failover with 99.9999% availability
  • ISO 27001 certified secure environments

Our architects create
the right solution for you

We work with the best public and private Cloud providers in order to design the best cloud architecture for you. We can set up any mix to perfectly fit your needs, make a phased, transparent migration, and manage the whole solution to evolve as your business does.